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"Kick Hard, Kick Often"

“Kick Hard, Kick Often”

a public art project by the students of The Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice & Research and Service High School

For the past 6 weeks, a group of student leaders have gathered in Ms. Sade Elhawary's classroom to discuss themes of power with us. They have shared their stories and creative energies with one another to imagine a world where their voices would and could, not only be heard, but appreciated and respected. Inspired by the work of artist, Simone Leigh and the political buttons of the Black Panther Party for Social Reform and the Young Lords Party, students designed & made their own buttons containing the messages they wished to share with the world. They created these buttons with the deliberate intention of communicating their ideas and thoughts with you about the things that matter most to them. These incredibly insightful, talented and powerful leaders feel that far too often, decisions that ultimately affect them forever, are being made without their participation or consent. Kick Hard, Kick Often is a project (and collaborative process) intended for students to design their own platform, in the form of public art, to share and amplify their values, dreams and messages with you. Our hope is that when you wear these buttons, you are reminded of the power of young people.

-Suhaly Bautista-Carolina | Engagement & Education Manager at Creative Time


Elijah Brown, 15

Elijah Aikens, 15

Zayquan Brown

Jorlyn Gonzalez

Ajna Amenra-Vaughan, 14

Jamal Seaforth,

German Duran, 14

Zaria Myers, 17

Jah-Kum McMillan, 15

Rakim Rage, 15

Shanta Thomas, 20

Sherman Thompson, 17


A special thank you to:

Lynnette Miranda, Teal Baskerville, Sade Elhawary, Stanley Kinard, Tabari Bomani, Alisson Farrington